The 3 Generations

When a legendary opera personality, a powerhouse entertainer, a breathtaking symphonic orchestra, a passionate choir, and an energetic pop band come together, you can expect an experience that will touch your soul. Imagine a kaleidoscope of emotional highlights, where pop meets classical music, all set against a backdrop of Las Vegas glamour.

The celebrated artists – state-opera singer Herwig Pecoraro and pop musician Mario Pecoraro - are the centerpiece of one of the most striking Austrian productions of recent years. Since 2016, father and son have been regularly enchanting audiences in Austria's major concert halls under the banner "When Father and Son...". However, in 2024, they plan to illuminate the stage with a never-before-seen sensation:

Three generations of a musically proficient family will shine together on stage, united by the universal language of music. This fusion will take you on a dynamic musical journey that reaches from the melodic depths of classical music to the pulsating rhythms of pop, and beyond. Oscar Pecoraro, the youngest member of the family, brings a new dynamic to the well-known "Pop meets Classic" father-son duo, introducing fresh, jazzy, and Latin American sounds, adding a completely new dimension to the show. Look forward to a historic debut, where for the first time, a luminary of the opera world, a versatile musician, and a young virtuoso come together in an epic performance. The Pecoraros are more than a family; they are a musical phenomenon, embodying the artistic passion of three generations.

Live-Video released!

Check out our new Live-Video to our single “For us – per noi”


We are very proud to present the Trailer to our big Live-Show!


This very speacial night will be on Austrian TV on Jan 5th 2017 

SERVUS TV  20:15 

Pecoraro & Pecoraro Live in der Stadthalle Wien
Fotos: Renè Langer Photography

An unforgettable experience

The show in Vienna was an unforgettable experience! Thank you to the many fans and visitors, and especially to the amazing team both on and behind the stage! It is sure to be a great live DVD and a beautiful broadcast this autumn on SERVUS TV. We would also like to thank our sponsors once again: Foremost Casinos Austria and Austria Card for the wonderful support of the concerts! Photos of the evening are, of course, in our gallery!


You can find a brief insight into the technical implementation of this production at this link:


The Redline Story behind Pecoraro & Pecoraro


Thank you, BREGENZ!


You were a fantastic audience and we enjoyed every second of this very special evening! Thanx to the wonderful orchestra (Landessymphonieorchester Vorarlberg), our choir, my band of course, and all the wonderful technicians and staff behind this show!


We would like to thank our sponsor Casinos Austria for their great support!  

Fotos: Hans Eder & Renè Langer Photography


Here is a small glimpse into the production of “For Us - Per noi”